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The First Temple Research Center (R.A.) is a scholastic cause group and Registered Association, dedicated to the study of the greatest spiritual endeavour of Biblical times. Our mission is to constantly scrutinise, revise and investigate old and new knowledge, of all aspects of this illustrious edifice, through many different curricula and disciplines.

The group includes a variety of scholars and contributors from such fields as theology, archeology, history, art, philosophy, and other branches of academia. Since the subsidence of the pandemic, frontal gatherings of the STRC are back to normal and take place once in two weeks in central Israel.

We regularly engage in educational activities through frontal or digital lectures in Hebrew and English, hold forums of discussion concerning new publications and finds, as well as extensive sifting and cataloging of new or existing materials. Alongside these activities, we undertake a labor of love in recreating visual depictions of the Temple and its many elements.

The research is an ongoing project, since 2008.


Isaac Newton

Newton & the Temple

Isaac Newton, the famous physicist and mathematician, had a deep fascination with the Jerusalem Temple. He spent a significant amount of time studying the temple's architecture and history, and believed that it held important clues to understanding the mysteries of the universe. Newton believed that the temple was a physical representation of the laws of nature, and that its dimensions and design held hidden mathematical and scientific truths. He even wrote a manuscript in which he attempted to decode the measurements and symbolism of the temple, in order to uncover its hidden knowledge. Newton's interest in the temple was not limited to its architectural and scientific significance but he also saw it as a symbol of spiritual and religious significance.

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Co-founder of STRC. Works in advertising as a creative manager. First and Second Jerusalem Temples scholar.

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